Internet Lease Line (ILL)

At KAP Technosoft, we understand the importance of a fast, reliable, and secure internet connection for businesses. That’s why we offer Internet Lease Line services designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s enterprises.

An Internet Lease Line (ILL) is a dedicated, high-speed internet connection that provides businesses with uninterrupted access to the internet.

Internet Lease Line Services

Key Features

Dedicated Bandwidth

Symmetric Upload & Download Speeds

SLA of 99.5% Up time

24/7 Support


Why would my business need an Internet Lease Line?

Businesses often require dedicated internet connectivity to support critical operations, such as data transfer, video conferencing, cloud computing, and VoIP services. An ILL ensures consistent and reliable internet performance, with symmetric upload and download speeds.

How is an Internet Lease Line different from a standard broadband connection?

Unlike standard broadband connections, which are shared among multiple users, an Internet Lease Line offers exclusive bandwidth for your business. This ensures that you have consistent and reliable internet performance, without being affected by fluctuations in network usage.

How can I determine the right Internet Lease Line package for my business?

To determine the right Internet Lease Line package for your business, consider your current and projected internet usage, the number of users and devices on your network, and any specific performance requirements or applications that your business relies on. Your Internet Lease Line provider can help you assess your needs and tailor a solution accordingly.